E-commerce Mobile App Development: Smart Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

As an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the online retail arena, the share of e-commerce in the retail business is continuously on the rise. On the other hand, most online stores and e-commerce startups prefer mobile apps as their primary channels instead of the regular web just because most buyers now prefer shopping through mobile instead of desktops.

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Rethink App Marketing With These Evergreen Strategies

It does not take an expert to say that most of the apps downloaded across the platforms are quickly abandoned or just left without being used for the second time. There have been many types of research to find out how people find out and engage with these apps, and based upon them we can conclude which techniques and methods work well to make people discover and engage with apps. Obviously, for any app marketer, these two things are ultimately crucial. Continue reading

What do Marketers need to Know About Monetising With In-App Ads? (Updated for 2017)

As a user, almost nobody likes getting entangled with ads in the middle of using an app, and most of us do not like paying for using an app as well. So, marketers need to strike middle paths to monetise the apps. Freemium model is an example of a middle path which no longer just makes enough sense as most users do not migrate to the premium after even being engaged with the free version for a considerable time. Continue reading

Tips for iPhone App Development at Low Budget (5 pro steps)

iPhone is still the most coveted device and OS platform for the majority of developers worldwide. Yes, we can probably guess why. iPhone app development pays in terms of exposure to a high net worth audience having more spending habit than the rest. The platform is itself excellent for trying out any sophisticated feature and design. Well, most developers take pride in building apps that feature well in App Store, even if their apps just do not do well on all other platforms. Continue reading

Utilizing Android Apps for Competitive Exams

With the increase in competitive exams, nowadays a student might never cease from learning. There are several competitive exams in the market that help professionals to switch careers easily to government jobs in different sectors.

Our phones offer us a lot more than merely being addicted to all the social media platforms. You can use smartphone devices and download learning apps made by any inventive mobile app development company in India to study for competitive exams as per your feasibility. Smartphones act as a personal assistant to manage time and money by using Android apps in different fields. We do not need to spend money on heavy books as apps provide proper exam pattern with the latest syllabus and video lectures and can also connect with experts to clear our doubts.

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Unity vs Native Game Development: Reasons to Go for Unity

When as a game developer you have made up your mind to build a mobile game for iOS and Android platforms, you have to decide whether to go for cross-platform or native development targeting one platform at a time. Well, cross-platform game development engines like Unity offers an inclusive approach to developing games optimized for each platform and is preferred by a significant number of immersive games to target both the mobile platforms. We are here to enquire deep into this. While both have their respective pros and cons, for the vast majority of mobile game development companies Unity seems to be the ideal choice. Continue reading

7 Awesome Tips for Mobile Marketers in 2017

It does not need to be an expert to understand that for businesses a mobile marketing is inevitable now. The increasing numbers of companies depend on mobile marketing to engage their customers. As 2017 is just a few months away, this can be the right time to take a fresh look at some strategic aspects and innovative solutions that emerged in recent times and only helped mobile marketing to do better. Here we are going to introduce seven excellent tips for mobile marketers in 2017 and beyond. Continue reading

The Huge boost in iPhone App Development in Healthcare and Medical industry

One can witness terrific growth in iPhone app development in the medical industry nowadays. The statistics have identified that healthcare is one of the biggest sectors that have promoted growth in mobile app development and led to the growth in wearables too.

The specially designed apps for Medical fraternity can be leveraged to improve daily life and foster positive patient outcomes. It is convenient for users to check their portfolios and health workers and professionals to organize important personal health information, tracking and monitoring health progress and recovery of their patients. Continue reading

Key Considerations for Modeling and Boosting Mobile ROI

Ultimately every mobile app has to dig on Return on Investment referred widely as ROI. Fetching the ROI of a mobile app us fundamentally no different than what it is done with other products. Modeling ROI is vital to evaluate your product and to boost the ROI metrics from time to time.

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