Design an Effective Craigslist Ad to Further Business

Who does not want to be listed on Craigslist? This classifieds listing has created a definite revolution in the way digital marketing world. If you want to reach more people, classifieds is like your long term partner. Listing here would definitely increase your reach and get more people on board.

ImageWhy Craigslist of all the classifieds directories available online? Firstly, Craigslist is recognized globally so you get to visit global consumers. Secondly, this website has the highest number of visitors and the best possible reach. Third the credibility associated with this classifieds boosts your business in a positive manner. This classified listing does not, for even a moment, give in false or fake information. This credibility is remarkable for your business. The best part of listing with Craigslist is that you can always design your own ads, add keywords to them and post it. It’s as simple as that! You don’t need to appoint any agency, go through the creative or spend sleepless nights before your ad goes up. You just need to have a rough sketch of your ad ready, design it with basic tools and upload it.

Let’s begin with understanding how to design a Craigslist ad and then move on to how you can upload the ad.

Designing your Advertisement

Good news! You can create an advertisement for Craigslist using your Gmail account. See you don’t really have to use complex software. Let’s see how to use your Gmail account for the ad! Go to your Gmail account and go to Google drive, while logged in to your Gmail. Click on create on your Google drive and select drawing. There, the new drawing sheet opens for you to start creating your free ad for Craigslist.

Before proceeding with the designing part, make sure you change the title of your image. This plays an important role, especially when you proceed ahead to list your ad. Now, you can draw a shape, insert an image, change your background etc. to create the advertisement in your mind. The most effective ads consist of good images and nice text combined. Remember to use keywords that are regularly searched as part of your ad. Attractive images will help your ad look aesthetic.

The images that you choose should be relevant to your brand. For example, a finance company planning to list itself on Craigslist can actually use coins, notes, and financial terms etc. as part of its images. If you are a writer designing an image for listing, you could possibly use images like ink, paper and so on to suit your brand. The color combination plays an important role. Make sure if your image is dark, you use light colored text so that it can be seen. Don’t make use of fonts that are stylish but not legible. You should always have text that appears simple but conveys the best messages. When designing, don’t complicate unnecessarily by hitching on style.

Once your ad is designed using the designer, go to File> Download as and then save your image as a PNG file. Once, you have the ad ready, it is time to begin posting it.

Uploading the Image

Use post to upload it. It works best in case of a Craigslist advertisement. You can either register yourself on this site or upload the image without registering. If you register, it makes sense as you can keep a tab on the images you upload. It’s obvious that you won’t stop at one ad or so. But, if you don’t want to register, you have an option of uploading directly. Upload the files using browse tab. Let Craigslist know if there is any adult content on your image and check if you want to resize. Once all these options are taken care of, your image has been uploaded and is ready for the next step.

Edit with HTML

Craigslist ad design needs you to add HTML editing for final touch ups. This editor is useful in uploading the source code for your ad, which is what Craigslist uses. First copy the URL from post image, where you have just uploaded your ad; the URL would be a direct link. Now, open HTML editor, clear the default text and hit image icon where you will paste the direct link you just copied. The sub tab link is where you can link your website to the ad. Make sure you open the target website on a new page. This way the people viewing your ad can stay on Craigslist while checking your website. Your final step on HTML editor is to copy the code by clicking on source icon.

Posting the Ad

This is the final step for your Craigslist ad design, where you go ahead and list your ad. Now select for sale on Craigslist and click on post. Here, in the body of the post paste the source you copied from HTML editor. Next, add the post title, location of your company, pricing and contact details and then press continue. On the next page, you will be asked if you want to upload images, click on no and move ahead. Click on post finally and list your company on this directory.

Isn’t it really simple, the whole process of listing your ad on Craigslist? So, wait for no one, get yourself marketed using this simple yet effective listing site.

Author Bio:
Juned Ghanchi is online consultant for Indian App Developers – Web and mobile application development company, He likes to blog on Technology area and ways to boost business.