Top Android Apps that are Wonderful and Outreach iPhone

Android has proven itself as a wonderful platform for mobiles in just a matter of years. Lot many times Android has faced both criticism and comparison with its arch rival Apple’s OS iOS. On many occasions, most people tend to buy an iPhone owing to the wide range of apps it provides. Yes, iPhone is indeed a great phone but there are certain areas where the Android platform outperforms iOS. There are some apps that come with Android but are not available on iPhone owing to the restrictions this platform poses to the developers. Here is a list of solid apps that have made Android platform a wonderful experience. These apps are certainly not available with iPhone and will never be available on this platform either.

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The Cover App

This is a lock screen app that comes with your Android phone. Every time you want to use an app, you need to walk through the many screens till you reach the app you are looking for. In most cases, this is true of the apps that you regularly use. Cover app changes the whole thing for you. Now, the apps that you regularly use will be stored on your lock screen thus saving you the trouble of visiting the many screens till you locate the app. The cover app checks for the apps your regularly visit and learn of their location. It uses the location and motion data to know where you are and accordingly presents the necessary apps to your home screen.

Swype App

One of the awesome apps specifically generated for Android phones. Swype generates a virtual keypad that is considered revolutionary. You no longer need to type on the small virtual keypad and get frustrated. You can drag from key to key using this app and the app will help you type the matter properly. Correction and prediction are technologies that are associated with this app. This is one app that has made android users stick to the platform as it is quite a cool app and is unavailable with the other platforms.

Profile Scheduler App

One of the best battery saving app that can be present on any platform. Imagine your phone changing its profile to silent from vibration when the battery reaches 10%. This is just amazing and sounds unimaginable. Well, the profile scheduler app tweaks all the information based on the small inputs that you have provided your phone with. This profile scheduler checks on a large variety of criteria before changing the profile. When the phone is at the work place, the work profile is automatically connected. This is an amazing app that has swept Android users off their feet.

Smart Launcher App

Smart launcher, as the name suggests, is a smart and interactive app that turns your home and lock screen to match your requirements. It groups your apps as per the categories they may match. It even checks on the apps your visit most frequently and ensures that they are easily available to you. It interacts with you from any device you may choose to use with the Android platform on it. It is pretty intuitive too.

The Event Flow Calendar Widget

Imagine having your agenda floating in front of your eyes. You do check your phone regularly but how about having that schedule right there when you try to unlock the screen or even after you have unlocked the screen. There is no chance of missing out on the schedule in this way. The event flow calendar widget does just that for you. When you switch the handset’s display, the whole list of appointments, event, schedules segregated as per time and date is set in front of you. You will get weather forecast too along with your schedule if you use this app.

The DashClock Widget

Dash Clock widget is one step ahead of the event flow calendar. While the calendar just gives out the schedules, this widget gives you an insight on the SMS lying in the folder, the unread emails, the calls you have missed, unread feedly, facebook notifications along with your schedule. It reminds you of everything that has been unnoticed on your mobile. There is no chance of missing out on anything while you have this app on your phone. It is always good to have security enabled on your phone if you are using the dashclock widget

Aviate App

A free app that allows the home screen to be occupied with apps based on your need of the hour. It locates your place, checks out the time of the day and understands the need accordingly before placing the necessary apps on your screen. For example, in the morning this app will ensure that news related apps along with the weather informing apps are placed on the lock screen so that you are aware of the happenings. While at work, it will present you with the scheduler apps and reminders etc. Aviate app understands your needs before presenting the lock screen icons.

Air Droid

This app allows you to convert the phone to a computer. Yes, with this app in hand, your phone messages, mails etc. can be answered using the PC. You can even view the images and other details on your phone on a computer. This saves the need of looking at your mobile and going through the pain of having to type using such a small screen. It increases the utility of your computer while you are work. This android app increases the need of computer.

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