Top Health & Fitness Apps on Android Play Store

android health applicationsIf a recent research were to be believed, a maximum number of people in the recent times give a lot of importance to their health and fitness. They keep themselves active and stay fit just so that they can avoid getting too much of stress or even being unfit. A lot of health issues are believed to be a result of health and fitness issues.

Apps have helped people in their run to stay fit too. A lot of apps have dedicate worked towards ensuring that people stay fit and healthy. There are a few apps that are quite popular among the people, and these apps give them a good idea on the state of their fitness. Here are a few top health and fitness apps that might intrigue you, and you may want to use them.

Calorie Counter      

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter, a health and fitness app developed with MyFitnessPal gives you a whole new set of calorie conscious foods. Yes, you will get to a database of close to 3,00,000 foods that are conscious on the amount of calorie they feed you with. You can even try out the fast food and exercise entry process given out by this app. You can add your friends, track each other’s dieting progress and encourage each other too. You will also get insight into a some 350+ exercises using this app. It is essentially useful to keep a check on your calories.

Period Tracker

Period TrackerKeep forgetting when you were in your periods last month? Know your period cycle well? Well, here is your reminder for the periods. All you need to do is set the date when your periods began in the current month in the calendar. Select your regular period cycle in the drop down option given. There you go! You are ready with your reminder for the upcoming month. Your period tracker will tell you your ovulation and fertile dates. This is even good for those who want to get pregnant. You can use the period tracker to keep a check.

WebMD Health App

WebMD Health AppWebMD is a popular website that gives out all the health related details which includes symptoms and treatment to you. The WebMD app is indeed a blessing. This app can be used to check if you are facing a particular issue or not. Using the symptom checker, you can check if you have the symptoms that are necessary for a particular health issue. You can even track first aid information using this app. The various causes and treatments are now available at the swipe of a finger with the WebMD app.

Abs Workout

Abs WorkoutCaynax’s Abs workout is a distinctive app in the health and fitness segment. This app is known to possess the various workout schedules that would give you an absolutely fit lifestyle. There are no shortcuts to this schedule. It is more like a personal trainer who would assist you in keeping fit and maintaining your body. But, obviously nothing can actually take your PT’s place. Consult a trainer before you begin this schedule. This is an interesting app that shows you how to do your crunches and abs.

Nature Sounds

Nature SoundsThis Zodinplex app is especially designed for all those of you who are unable to sleep or are pretty stressed. 10 minutes into this app, and you will feel absolutely relaxed and will end the stress that has been biting into you. You can choose from a wide variety of sounds like waterfall, nature’s music and others. This app would also help you sleep better.

Water your Body

Water your BodyYou know that water is important to your body. You will find that water is one of the basic needs of your body. You have an app that will help you remember how important water is to your body. It will not just remind you on having water but will also cultivate the required habits for drinking water. In short it will keep you fit by ensuring that you have required amounts of water each day.

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