Is Healthcare Really Slow in Adopting Mobile Technology?

ImageThe world is being made over using digital technology. With smart phones giving an edge to the various sectors, and providing them with ease of reach, it is indeed possible that almost all sectors adapt to the technology offered by these phones.

Health care is an important field and has seen quite a good response on the digital base. You would see that most clinical care technologies have founded themselves well on the mobile world. You have apps that tell you about the various imaging techniques, show you how to care for each disease and provide you with the various risk factors involved in each case. Mobile computing is evolving and a lot of efforts are being placed on incorporating health care using mobiles.

Segmented Apps

You may have used a wide variety of mobile apps including banking and finance related apps. Every day developers are working hard to bring in newer and better apps that would organize your life. Ecommerce apps have also sprung up in the recent times with books, and other retail stores being converted into apps. You can even book your travel using an app. But, apps for health have not really become that popular. Health care segment has not come up with apps or rather is not developed enough to plan out its mobile computing. You still need a prescription, visit a doctor or take phone appointments to care for your health.

Is Caution the Reason?

A lot of people have been saying a lot of things about health care not being a part of the mobile computing world. While doctors are still being consulted on everything, there are apps that are binding the other segments to their consumers. You can use the world of mobile computing to consult a lawyer, talk to you travel agent, or even carry out your taxation strategy with your consultant. But when it comes to doctors, you still work the traditional path.

One of the several reasons for this could be the sensitivity of the issue doctors tend to handle. Medical care, unlike the other segments, needs physical presence which is attributed by traditional means. You can always incorporate the new technology but presence of a doctor is a must for the technology to work well and suit the patient’s needs. Without the doctor being physically present, it will be difficult for you to actually cure health.

Issues are Sensitive

There’s a reason why health cannot be risked using an app. Firstly, the kind of issues doctors tackle are purely situational. What one goes through as a health risk may or may not be similar to what the other goes through. You will see that complete health care especially in cases of chronic diseases cannot be done using a mobile app. You will need doctors to handle such incidents. So, mobile apps are not really gauging on to that segment of health care owing to the sensitivity of the issues.

Health Care Apps

Though there are no real health care apps that would cure the various health issues, there are health related apps that provide definitive technology for cure of these chronic diseases. They show you symptoms of the various diseases that might affect you. In some cases you may even get apps that help you understand the risk associated with health issues. You can have invoices generated; your history sheet generated using mobile apps. Effective health care delivery service can be recorded using health related mobile apps.

Though health care technology has reached newer and better avenues, it has still not reached a great stage. You will still find that the mobile computing related to health care is in its nascent stage. You are still in need of doctors and their physical appearance. Adapting to newer technologies is going to be difficult for the doctors but then it is going to be a long while before all the technologies are digitized in the world of health care.

About Author:

Juned Ahmed, by profession he is mobile and web application consultant, working for IndianAppDevelopers company. He likes to write on mobile app technologies special related to iOS, recently he has written on Apple’s new Xcode6 advantages for developer.



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