How to Save Mobile Battery Life without Deleting Apps?

Mobile Battery LifeWhen your Smartphone is app loaded, you will see that its performance dips majorly. Instead of being the fastest Smartphone, as it had promised in the beginning, it begins to dull out. When you seek advice from any developer or Smartphone owner on how to increase the battery life, the standard answer you would receive is to delete a few of the apps. The apps that you will be asked to delete would be the ones you love the most.

Is there no way out but deleting the favorite apps, would be your question? Well, there is definitely a way out and that too without deleting your favorite apps. All you need to do is replace your app versions with their lite versions. You save a lot on battery life, and installation. Isn’t that a great idea?

Here are those apps that you can replace with their lite versions.

Facebook Lite

Most smart phone users have Facebook on loaded to their phones. They chat, update status, and even like and comment through the Facebook versions. For them, this version is an absolute necessity. But the app takes up a lot of space. So it may slow your system down. This Facebook lite version known as Lite web app for Facebook is available for Android, while it is named friendly for iOS users. Get this app, and save some battery life.

Pintrest Lite

Most social media marketers would have this app on their phones. It is one of the best apps if they want to market their brands on the go. But this being an image based app, it takes up a lot of space. You may not want to use up so much space which might cause your battery life hindrance. Instead download the lite version of this app known as PinHog. Sadly this lite version of the app is only available for Android users. iOS users will need to wait for their turn with a lite version.

Twitter Lite

More users are Twitter based than any other social networking sites. You will see that Twitter handles are more popular, and that’s the first thing Tweeples across the world look out for. If you have Twitter, and it is quite important to you then you should ideally download the lite version. It has a clear interface and consumes very less battery life of your smart phone. The lite version is known as Tweedle in Android phones and Twitterific 5 for iOS devices

YouTube Lite

Many smart phone users love watching YouTube videos on the go. YouTube tends to take up a lot of space on the smart phones, and you may not be able to have the fastest smartphone if you intend on using this popular version of the app. YT movies is the smart lite app for YouTube. This app sends youtube clips to your media player. Currently the lite version is only available with Android. This lite version has limited options, and is available for $0.99

Email Lite

You can’t have a smart phone and not enjoy Emails, can you? This is the reason why you need a lite version to enjoy email apps without affecting battery life. The mail apps tend to destroy peace with the battery life. You can use Cloudmagic, a lite version of Email app which can consolidate all your Email accounts into one. It’s pretty smart, gives your phone a good battery life, and has an interesting interface. Worth trying!

So, get these lite apps, and save your phone’s battery life. After all deleting apps is not the only way out!

About Author:

Juned Ahmed is employed with leading mobile app developer company, he enjoy writing information about latest mobile technologies he has recently written a blog about StumbleUpon’s new Android UI design App.