5 Ways to Ensure Successful Mobile App Development

mobile-app-development-1The smart age has ensured that mobile and other smart devices dominate the world! Enter any local transport system anywhere across the world, you will find people across age groups engrossed in their smart devices. Either they are addicted to a particular game, or they are trying to find out information about the money markets. Some use these smart devices to catch up with their friends, some to read out the latest news while some others use it to see the maps. There are varied uses of these smart devices, and they seem to keep the different generations busy.

At this point in time, brands are entering in the mobile world with their own mobile apps versions. Most brands have entered the market with a major impact, while some others have just launched their app’s beta version. While releasing an app, and being present on the device most commonly used is indeed a good idea, it is nowhere good to release it way too soon. A brand can make irrevocable mistakes if they manage to release an app even before testing it, or way too soon.

There are some mistakes that can be avoided when indulging in mobile app development. Every brand should make sure they take these points into mind before releasing their mobile app.mobile-application-developmentPlan your App with a Roadmap
It is not bad to plan! Every mobile app that you develop should have a roadmap that you set before you even start. The most important portion of the whole mobile app development would be to define the overall goal of the mobile app. Why are you planning on developing this mobile app is highly important!

Once you are clear on your goals, you will need to work on the strategy costs. For example you will need to find out the design and development costs of the whole app. It should not end up putting a hole in your pockets. Whatever you are planning to spend on the mobile app, should match the cost of the design and development of your mobile app. In case, you feel you are going overboard with the costs, the roadmap will help you find out where you can reduce the costs. So, make sure you have a plan and a goal set with the money you are planning to spend before you begin developing your app.

Agency vs. Full Time Developers
There are two options available for companies who wish to get a mobile app developed: an agency or hire a full time mobile app developer. It is not just a matter of convenience but also of scrutiny and selection. There are companies who have in-house developers and they can save the development cost by encouraging the person to develop it. But, there are cases where there is no other option but to rely on agency or full time freelancers who can give you the best possible apps.

So, when you are planning to rely on either of the two, you will need to work out on the kind of portfolio they carry, their past work, referrals, costs etc. before you end up choosing one over the other. Make sure you have made a list of pros and cons in both cases, and then come up with the final selection.

Supervising the Project
Let’s say you have designated the project to one of the two mentioned above. Now what? You will need to ask them to begin the work as soon as possible. While their work is ongoing, you will need to figure out a way in which you can monitor their work. Get someone to become the project head for this work. You can appoint the person most suited for this course of job. Make sure you don’t have anyone without a single worth of knowledge monitoring this piece of work, else you will end up paying double the cost. Hire a person who is knowledgeable, experienced, and has leadership qualities.

Pilot Test a Must
This is a mistake most app development companies make! They release the app even before it has been tested. This results in bugs and other things being detected by the consumer and failure of the app. If you wish to avoid showing of a failed app, you can probably start off with a pilot test. Check the interface, and the app usability factors. Ask other people in your office or layman who are going to be consumers to use the app even before it is released. See how they view the app. Ask them for their feedback. Work on the feedback. Once you have taken the necessary steps, you are ready to release the app.

Never Ignore User Feedback
Have a few people become your users, and ask them to test run your application. You will see how they tend to use your app. Either they will be fluent with your app, or they would not be able to use it. There would be things they would like about your app, and there would be things they would not like. You will need to check on such things. Ask the chosen users to share their feedback, and work on the given feedback. Such feedback will help you come up with a better app. Make sure you never ignore the feedback.


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