Top 10 Asp.Net Developer Tools Now

indexA first grade application can never be built without applying or taking help of some of the best tools available in the market. Any .NET developer throughout his lifespan builds upon a repository of tools that comes in handy irrespective of what the application demands. Following are some such tools which are a must have for any developer.

Code converter (beta)

This product comes from the house of Telerik and it converts to c# and vice versa. All the developer needs to do is a simple copy and paste of the code in the text area and subsequent to that he needs to select the intended language from the in-built combo box. Once fixing the destination is done, all one has to do is to click the convert code option and the entire transformation takes place. In addition to this, it also comes in handy when conversion of multiple files is required.

Color Pix

More often than not the developer feels the need to have a tool which would grab the pixel under the mouse and will give the developer the required hex code or RGB value of the colour. Colour Pix is such a colour picker tool that performs this function swiftly and it also has the added advantage of being a free to use tool which do not require prior installation.

Mockup Screens

Creating a mock-up or prototype before the coding for an application is actually started is one of the foremost steps in any software development life cycle. This prototyping helps in giving the client an almost similar look and feel of what the end product would actually be. The Mockup screens tool helps in creating screen mock-ups for the application and also performs aptly as an organizer of multiple scenarios.


This tool is primarily meant for testing .NET web apps and equips the developer with easy solutions targeted to Internet Explorer focused test automation. The sophisticated set of features present in this tool makes it versatile and it can be proficiently used for other platforms as well as it supports, pop-up pages, iframes and works in both Internet explorer 6 and 7. In addition, the tool provides access to the source and it can be customized as per requirement.


Document generation tools are also of prime demand to any developer. Sandcastle is such a tool that is able to produce MSDN style documentation. It works over the source assemblies and helps in integrating XML documentation comments whenever required.

Regular Expression Builder

This tool is a cutting edge tool meant for testing expressions and it does so with in-built features such as syntax highlighting and web-service integration. It is integrated with’s database of regular expressions present online.

Web Development Helper

This tool, found extremely useful by many developers, comes along with a plugin for Internet Explorer. This tool helps in tracking information about the current pages like view state, trace etc.

Template driven code generators

This tool comes from the house of CodeSmith and contains multiple templates that are able to produce codes. The most useful functionality of this tool is its repository of templates that can even produce codes for many of the proven architectures like CSLA, NHibernate, .netTiers etc.

Best practice analyzer

Development of any application requires taking the developmental best practices along with it. This tool first scans the configurations of an ASP.NET 2.0 application and then lists out configurations that can cause issues or create problems in the machine.config or web.config files.

Web client software factory

Building a composite web client always poses itself as a convoluted task for the customer. This tool helps in providing detailed architectural guidance to the customer who intends to build one. This tool is well supported by ASP.NET, AJAX, and Workflow Foundation etc.

Apart from the above toppers, the list of asp dot net development tools also includes tools meant for advanced unit testing, object mocking, app profiling etc. Some of the random utility tools could also be tools like URL Rewriter, Java Script Calendar or ASP.Net colourful Starterkit or Kupload.

A top class development doesn’t mean being entirely dependent on any one or two tool. An efficient combined usage of various tools in their intended capacity can only lead to a comprehensive solution.


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