User Focused Mobile Application Development to Garner More Downloads

indexHave you created a nice app, but there are only a few downloads, even after 6 months of its launch?

This is a very stressful situation when you have put every niche in your app, but still not getting the expected results. Are you doing something wrong while promoting your app?

With the increase in the competition in the mobile websites, this has become a very common scenario for most of the app owners.

Mobile application development is one the rise, so is the level of stress for the developers.

A user can download as many apps, he or she wants, and this is good for them also. But this is not so good for the developers. A lot of competition can be seen nowadays, whether it is web or mobile.

imagesWhile developing the mobile site, the developer needs to keep in mind some of the important points in order to stay in the market.

  • A clean presentation
  • A great design
  • Ultimate user experience
  • Quick responses
  • Consistency
  • No ad pop-ups
  • Easy navigation
  • Unbreakable links to other pages

Now, if you have all the above features in your app, then what is the problem here, why it’s not being downloaded by users?

It is always important to spend time on the content or the description of your website before its launch. This will help you get good rankings as people always download the apps with higher rankings.


This has become one of the most desired features of any app nowadays. It is important that the mobile site should be localized in few languages. You can use Google translator for this which will automatically translate the content.

People love to use apps in their local language. And if localization is an issue, this will obviously drop the number of downloads for your app.

Use of Keywords

Keywords are very important for any site, whether it is web or a mobile site. The content or description should contain some major keywords that will briefly describe your app. If you are not sure about using keywords, then you can use certain tools like Adwords Keywords Tool. Keywords are used for search as well, so they are pretty important in order to see an increase in the number of downloads.

Market Your App before its Launch

It is difficult to understand the target market initially. But it is important to find out forums or relevant groups where you can start telling about your product before its launch. It is good to have feedback from the users even before the launch and it also gives you a way to get a list of potential users of your app. You can easily notify them when your app gets launched.

Create a Video

It is necessary to create a video for your app. You can also hire a professional to create and edit a video for you. The subtitles are very important for localization. It will definitely increase the download rate for your app.

Launch Your App for Free

In order to get more users, the app can be launched for free for a certain period of time. You can even find the apps which can promote your app on discounted prices. This will create wonders for your app.

App Analytics

It is always important to keep an eye on your users. There are a number of app analytics available in the market and the good app analytic is the one that lets you see the records for the app download and app deletion. Google analytics recently launch app for iPhone users, you can definitely choose from Flurry Analytics, Countly, Google’s Universal Analytics, Localytics, etc.

The app analytics will also allow you to compare your app with others. This will give you a complete review of your app.

Google Play Cover Image

You must create a cover image for the app. A cover image can really help boost the app downloads at a higher rate. The cover image of the app should be unique enough to identify a single app. It is important to make the users trust the app, before they start downloading it.

App Screenshots

The screenshots of the app should be very crisp and professional. The real life pictures of someone using your app can do wonders for your app download rate. The app should be clearly seen in the screenshot. There can be 3 to 6 screenshots for the app and each screenshot should show a different instance of the app.

As the trend of mobile application development has increased, it is important to take care of all the points discussed above as they are required to increase the download rate for your app. All this cannot be done with a single man army. It needs a dedicated team working with you.

Juned Ahmed is founder and experienced IT consultant of IndianAppDevelopers Company, A mobile application development services provider. He shares his expertise on popular mobile application platforms, mobile apps and modern technologies.


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