4 Trends for Mobile App Developers to Watch in 2015

Mobile app developers have gone through an array of changes and shifts in focus in the recent times. It is no longer writing quality codes for great features that make them feel contented but there is a broader area that demands equal response in their job. It is how mobile apps being used, offering benefits to people and how garnering business are becoming key constituents of their developing principle. In the present app ecosystem incorporating business intelligence and analytics is as much important as monetizing the app and booking its share of profitability in the booming app economy. Certainly UI/UX design and visual engagement will continue to enjoy greater focus to augment usability. Enterprise apps will continue to grow and eventually take the leading position across niches. These trends are going to make a far more robust presence and app developers will need to incorporate them increasingly in their projects. Let us have a closer look at these 4 major mobile app trends in 2015.

App Analytics and Business Intelligence

mobile app analytics

Through app analytics performance of the apps are related issues are identified but they also play a big role in identifying opportunities and scopes of engagement. To create more engaging and user friendly apps analytics play a vital role. Now coupled up with business intelligence this analytics will further provide insights for business specific and niche specific user engagement.

  • While app analytics will help creating the digital business apparatus more equipped, business intelligence will make it more useful and purposive with insights.
  • Will help creating new app niches by broadening the scopes of engagement.
  • Mobile engagement is nurturing business intelligence in corporate. Higher employee engagement offering businesses garner unconventional source of insights and analysis paving the way to better business decision making.

Enterprise Apps will be the Mainstay

Enterprise Applications developmentBusinesses today are increasingly finding mobile apps as irreplaceable from their digital strategy. Most enterprises today succumb to the mobile app advantages in reaching potential customers or for making internal work process faster, smoother, productive and responsive. Organizations prefer to deploy mobile apps for all sorts of business activities across all departments.

  • Will help digitization process push further beyond the horizon of BYOD.
  • Virtual workplace will continue to replace location based work environment thanks to mobile apps.
  • Productivity will get a boost with wider adoption of mobile apps in every sphere.
  • Business cost will be reduced to a great extent thanks to virtual work process where handheld devices are workstations.

Visual Engagement

app Visual Engagement

With millions of apps across all app stores no one actually bothers to read the fine prints inside the app unless the app looks and feels really interesting and promising. This typical quick visual engagement is now the key element that majority of apps strives to achieve. There are too many design elements you can experiment with but at the end of the day they must be appealing, easy, simple and thoroughly purposive in approach. While flat UI became popular to insist on the need of simplicity, parallax scrolling and full screen background image became popular to make way for more appealing design. The experiments will continue but the focus on visual engagement seems to stay.

App Economy and Monetization Focus

mobile App MonetizationOnly a handful of apps still earn enough profit to run the app like a business and grow. Millions of apps simply struggle to stay alive. The app ecosystem gave mobile industry unprecedented growth that it could not achieve without this burgeoning world of apps but still monetization and revenue for most apps remain an objective on paper. For few years monetization continued to remain as a focus area for most app publishers worldwide irrespective of the bleak scenario. The focus seems to be more persistent as the app horizon is spreading in all directions. App developers are increasingly becoming responsive to the demands of this monetization now and this will only grow until a good portion of apps find enough revenue to stay alive.

  • The app economy alone offers 1.8 million jobs in European Union and it is expected to reach 5 million by 2018
  • Apple’s app store in the last year distributed around $10 billion to its developers. This figure is equal to the Hollywood box office revenue for the same year.

The latest mobile app trends referred above offer a clear indication of the large scale change that businesses and lives on earth are going to experience in the near future thanks to the robust and burgeoning mobile app industry and marketplace.


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