Key Considerations for Modeling and Boosting Mobile ROI

Ultimately every mobile app has to dig on Return on Investment referred widely as ROI. Fetching the ROI of a mobile app us fundamentally no different than what it is done with other products. Modeling ROI is vital to evaluate your product and to boost the ROI metrics from time to time.

There have been a lot of talks on boosting ROI and about effective ways to do it. After explaining the intricacies of modelling ROI, we will also take a deeper look at it. Continue reading


Top Seven Tips to Market your Mobile App Successfully

With the advent of smart mobility and incredible smartphones, there are a plethora of mobile apps that are present in the market. Even businesses depend on mobile apps for connecting with their prospects and clients. The marketing juggernaut does not only include a mobile-compatible website but also apps so that you can send consistent updates and offers through it. Continue reading