Top Seven Tips to Market your Mobile App Successfully

With the advent of smart mobility and incredible smartphones, there are a plethora of mobile apps that are present in the market. Even businesses depend on mobile apps for connecting with their prospects and clients. The marketing juggernaut does not only include a mobile-compatible website but also apps so that you can send consistent updates and offers through it.
The distribution of the apps is the hardest part for an entrepreneur, and reaching out to target customers is no mean joke. Most apps fail today because developers fail to market their products effectively.

Focusing users rather than engaging current users working on the app has been a big problem. To create a viral effect of the mobile app, one needs content that flows from word of mouth, best spread by those who have used the product.

For marketing the apps, one needs to really attract the attention of the smartphone generation. But how should one spread the word about it? Here are some great ways to market your mobile app:

1. Make the App very useful

No matter how you market your mobile app, it should do what people need; else they will be hardly interested. Your mobile app should extend features of a website or an ecommerce store and result in something interesting for customers. Once the usefulness is present, it is easy to create a brand of the same.

Big brands do not only delve into creative mobile development. Even service companies who are keen to connect their customers on a personal level have apps to work for them.  So, first and foremost, the app needs to be useful for the target customer base. Them marketing the mobile app effectively and efficiently would not be a problem.

2. Mobile App Advertising on the Mobile Platform

Do consider PPC advertising for promoting mobile apps, and post ads on mobile devices. Google even has mobile ads for targeting mobile users, which will serve you in good stead. Google advertisements are customizable and fit for several types of devices.

Check out how PPC can be done for your mobile app and proceed to leverage the idea in right earnest.

3. Social Advertising for Better Connect

Social advertising has risen considerably in recent years and it is quite popular too. Now you can actually target people based on your app’s demographics. The most likely users of the app will be targeted instead of everyone around. The targeted audience will get to see the ads including Facebook ads, which are mostly specific to the audience age, interest and region.

One can make use of a smaller audience with specific interests for mobile app promotions so that you will spend less in advertising costs and get higher returns on investment too.

4. Guest Blogging Done Right

Guest blogging can work for building an audience, and when marketing an app, one can post varied blogs related to the subject. The posts will garner a target audience who would be interested in reading the same. One can even post on technology blogs related to several mobile devices. Aiming the right intended audience for the app is the key to success in this regard.

All guest posts though should refrain from promotional content but one can fashion topics in a way that, readers who go through the entire article are treated with a relevant app download link that matches the content of the article. Plan ahead for the clicks with an arresting author bio and then linking the same to the App Store or Play Store. Use call-to-action buttons or sentences like, “Download our app today” for getting audience interaction and action.

5. Aid referrals with partners

Referrals can increase signups considerably and even get the users to download the app at discounted cost. Incentivizing the present audience is the right way to attract newcomers to the app. Spread the word with a really smart campaign.

6. Increase vanity content that boosts sharing

Some apps have resorted to posting vanity content to attract readers and then even entice them to share the same. Sharing data is a fad in today’s generation especially with the amount of information being shared on social media on a daily basis. The update of such content will enable users to share data on social networks related to an activity or an area of interest including movies.

Users proudly share content on their social networks because their activity is showcased to the world for which they are most likely to achieve appreciation. It also makes them look good among other people. Showing off is one of the biggest trends that never go out of fashion, especially the lure of posting workout stats on Facebook profile.

7. Outstanding customer service

Nothing works like outstanding customer service. Everyone talks about it but do not actually attach importance to the same. Not many companies are sure of promoting their apps by actually providing genuine service. Delivering superior customer service is just the key to success for most high earners in mobile apps.

The seven techniques mentioned above are some of the tried-and-tested strategies for mobile app marketing and are certainly bound to work for reaching your intended users.


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