What do Marketers need to Know About Monetising With In-App Ads? (Updated for 2017)

As a user, almost nobody likes getting entangled with ads in the middle of using an app, and most of us do not like paying for using an app as well. So, marketers need to strike middle paths to monetise the apps. Freemium model is an example of a middle path which no longer just makes enough sense as most users do not migrate to the premium after even being engaged with the free version for a considerable time. Continue reading


Tips for iPhone App Development at Low Budget (5 pro steps)

iPhone is still the most coveted device and OS platform for the majority of developers worldwide. Yes, we can probably guess why. iPhone app development pays in terms of exposure to a high net worth audience having more spending habit than the rest. The platform is itself excellent for trying out any sophisticated feature and design. Well, most developers take pride in building apps that feature well in App Store, even if their apps just do not do well on all other platforms. Continue reading