Tips for iPhone App Development at Low Budget (5 pro steps)

iPhone is still the most coveted device and OS platform for the majority of developers worldwide. Yes, we can probably guess why. iPhone app development pays in terms of exposure to a high net worth audience having more spending habit than the rest. The platform is itself excellent for trying out any sophisticated feature and design. Well, most developers take pride in building apps that feature well in App Store, even if their apps just do not do well on all other platforms.

But building a beautiful iPhone app furnished with state of the art features and standout design has its cost. Expert iOS developers charge a premium, and hardly can you do anything about it. But if you are still looking forward to building your first iPhone app on a tight budget, here are our seven low budget tips for iPhone app development.


Hire a development company ready to go miles

This is a crucial consideration many businesses just miss when focusing on small budget app development. It doesn’t take an expert to tell that when you depend on a single iPhone app development company for the entire lifecycle of the product ranging from conceptualisation to validation to App Store marketing instead of partnering with different service providers, you can get it done within a budget. In fact hiring iphone app developers for the whole cycle up to the positioning of the app in App Store would allow you are paying price for the whole thing. Naturally, however, a constraint in a budget you have, you need experts on every part.


You can hire small startups with a nitty track record of building quite a few successful apps in your niche. These startups can be a cost saving alternative to the highly rated firms with a global presence. When hiring startups, you should ensure a few unmistakable qualities, their process and commitment level. When you are assured of their qualitative output and expertise, make sure they have a transparent process with a project coordinator to inform clients at every milestone.

Ensure faster time to market

In mobile app development often time equals to money and more you save development time, the bigger cost advantage you gain. Faster is the time to market for your app, lower the development cost it would incur. Here are few tips to ensure this.

  • Developers must avoid overdoing and redoing things at any cost. More you undo and redo things in a later period, more time and money is spent in the mobile app development process.
  • It is advisable to have a clear idea of the app long before the development actually starts. To ensure this take note of several competitive apps and the kind of design elements and features you prefer and think suitable for your app.
  • When you have a few app ideas with their respective features as well as look and feel, validate those ideas through the opinion of your audience and some experts. You can take help from social media, emails and discussion through word of mouth.
  • Do not blindly follow any competitor app. Remember, if you can simplify user experience compared to your competitors, you are not only going to get a cost advantage but also getting an edge in terms of ease of use.

Keep it simple and straightforward

There are too many apps that simply lack the rewarding user experience just because they are not simple and easy for the user. Either they have too many features or are designed with too many visual distractions. This tremendous drawback in terms of user experience apart, too many features and visual elements also contribute heavily to the development cost. This is why simple apps with a stripped off design a few most essential features work well both for cost saving and earning the app it’s due engagement. Here are some useful steps to make things simple and effective.

  • First of all, figure out which features are essential for your app. Just study the competitor apps and make a list of must have features. Now figure out if there is any way to do them better in your app.
  • Have some referral design ready for your apps complete with respective typeface, colour scheme, buttons, navigation and other elements. Now consider and validate which design works best and takes least effort of development without compromising the user experience for Your Mobile App.
  • Make a wireframe of your app based on your favourite design elements and the kind of flow you want.

Take some responsibilities on your shoulder

No, we never suggest building an iPhone app all by yourself simply because the platform is truly demanding. But for some pre-development and post development tasks you can highly equip yourself with the necessary knowhow and can do it. For instance, for validating your app idea and for figuring out the look, feel and features of your app, you can just keep seek opinion and advice from your industry peers, customers, influencers and other people over social media.

As for post-development buzz creation and App Store optimisation, you can make yourself knowledgeable about how things work for most apps and accordingly follow them. Most of the time, these non-development tasks can be better taken care of by professionals without developer background.

Have some knowledge of the tools, frameworks and engines

The prevailing mindset that building an app requires coding the entire app from scratch give your developers upper hand in the negotiations when coming to the question of the development budget. If you have some basic idea about all the ready in hand tools that used these days for building robust and high-performance mobile apps for a wide variety of niches, you can easily break down the entire cost to crucial parts. For instance, if you know the kind of game engines are utilised for top notch 2D and 3D games, it is easier to assess the cost of development.

Finally, having a predetermined budget for your iPhone app is only helpful if you have gone through the complete assessment of your required app features, design and respective cost of development in the market. Without this groundwork, a predetermined budget is bound to deviate and differ from the actual one.


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