5 Principles and 6 Tips for an Awesome Conversational App UI Design

If you are not hiding in a cave shunned from the tech interfaces, it is very unlikely that you have not come across terms like ‘interactive’ or ‘conversational’. A UI design based upon the automated conversation is the new hip trend in UI ad UX design for mobile apps and web interfaces. All your queries and to-do things are listened and addressed by a chatbot in real time. Sounds strange or tricky? Wait, if you think these chatbots just do the job of blabbering out some recorded sentences only to add to your boredom, you are terribly wrong. To your amazement, chatbot just as we human do asks questions and replies to each user in a personalized manner. So, in conversational interfaces, personality is the new normal. Continue reading


User Focused Mobile Application Development to Garner More Downloads

indexHave you created a nice app, but there are only a few downloads, even after 6 months of its launch?

This is a very stressful situation when you have put every niche in your app, but still not getting the expected results. Are you doing something wrong while promoting your app? Continue reading