Xamarin – A Unique Way to Build Cross-Platform Applications

imagesThe mobile world has changed and when it comes to build a mobile app for any business, then there is always a doubt between native and the cross-platform apps. If we prefer one single platform, native apps will work perfectly for us; but if we have to build an app for all three major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows, then we have to build an app for all the 3 different platforms, which is definitely a time consuming job. This is one way of creating the app. Continue reading

Key Advantages of ASP.NET Development

indexASP.NET development is crucial niche for many developers of dynamic web apps and mobile apps. Custom ASP.NET development companies are sought after for their niche expertise in developing web and business apps addressing business specific requirements. It is a .Net framework technology for creating vibrant and dynamic web applications that exert the power of the World Wide Web. ASP.NET is a model that includes all the services necessary to build web applications with minimal coding. It allows using any language that is compatible with the CLR (Common Language Runtime). Continue reading